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Tern Eclipse | The Garage OTR

Tern Eclipse

A Real Speed Machine

Full-size wheels and performance-tuned frame geometry make it easy to build up and maintain speed as you tackle the roads. Plenty of gears allow you to dial in your most efficient cadence and sprint up hills. Extras like lightweight, aerodynamic Kinetix Pro wheels take things to the next level.

Tern Eclipse X22 | The Garage OTR
Tern Eclipse | The Garage OTR

Rides Like a Dream

Ready to upgrade your ride? The Eclipse rides like a really great full-size bike—with a few high-value extras. The ultra-stiff frame and virtually flex-free Physis 3D Handlepost make for an incredibly smooth ride, while the adjustable cockpit keeps you comfy. Fluid shifting and powerful hydraulic disc brakes are the cherry on top.

Elevate Your Ride

The Eclipse is a full-featured flat-bar road bike with full-size wheels—that just so happens to fold. We loaded it up with the exact elements needed to create a lightning-fast ride with an amazing feel, all while retaining the versatility and convenience of a folding bike. Folding never rode so fast.

Tern Eclipse | The Garage OTR
Tern Eclipse | The Garage OTR

Elegantly Portable and Compact

Living in the city can make it hard to enjoy your bike. From sorting out storage to worrying about theft to wrestling with public transportation—the hurdles are many. The Eclipse provides an elegant solution: a full-size bike that folds surprisingly small, in a matter of seconds and without tools or disassembly.

Why The Eclipse?

Tern Eclipse | The Garage OTR

Tern Folding Technology

Designing a folding bike that performs like a road bike requires us to have some tricks up our sleeve. Innovations like our patented Andros Stem, Physis 3D Handlepost, and OCL+ Frame Joint make it possible.

Tern Eclipse | The Garage OTR

One Size Fits Most

Adjusts to fit a wide range of rider heights with a spacious cockpit and an adjustable seatpost and stem.

Tern Eclipse | The Garage OTR

All the Right Gear

Choose from our extensive ecosystem of accessories to create solutions that work for you. From bags to baskets to briefcases for your bike, we’ve got what you need to make the most of the Eclipse’s versatility.

Eclipse D16

Eclipse P20

Eclipse X22