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Stromer ST3 Hero | The Garage OTR

Stromer ST3

We believe that your commute can be quality time. Our Speed Pedelecs resulted from this conviction: Models with differing characteristics but with a common goal – making the difference rideable. Find your favorite.

Electric Bike Technology

Rear Wheel Motors

Stromer S-Pedelecs are not supported by a mid-mounted motor like most e-bikes, but instead have been based on rear-wheel motors since 2009. For good reason.  The power is transmitted directly to the hub on the rear-wheel motor and accelerates without detours over crank, sprockets and chain.

Stromer Rear Wheel Motors | The Garage OTR
Stromer Long Lasting Batteries | The Garage OTR

Long-Lasting Batteries

Our bikes are made to get there – quickly, reliably, without interruption. The efficient rear-wheel motor and the high-quality batteries allow peak ranges of up to 180 km (110 miles). Your Stromer achieves an extra range of up to 20 percent through regenerative braking and is ready for the next stage after a brief charging time at the socket.

Power and Perfect Control

Stromer Speed Pedelecs are made for the road and for urban traffic – terrain on which balance, braking power, grip and visibility are vital. For this reason we have equipped your Stromer with the best components.

Stromer Power and Control | The Garage OTR

the Tech Specs*

Frame Color Deep Black, Cool White
Frame Material Aluminum
Frame Shape Comfort (Low-Step), Sport (High-Step)
Motor Stromer SYNO Drive II
Output in Watts 600 W
Max Charging Time 4 Hours 45 Minutes
Battery BQ814 | 48 V | 814 Wh
Assist Levels 3
Electric Drive Speed 28 mph
Range Up to 90 miles
Brakes Stromer HD942 by TRP
Saddle Ergon SFC 30 Gel
Grips Ergon Custom GS1 Black
Display Interface OMNI Interface C
Connectivity Bluetooth
Gears 11 Speeds
Tires Pirelli Cycl-e ST for Stromer
Daytime Running Light Yes